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Are you a property investor looking for the best property managers on the Sunshine Coast to manage
your investment property?

Our property management services ensure a higher weekly rental income, quality tenants that care for your investment, competitive property management fees and our commitment in securing the maximum capital growth on your investment.

Here are the many reasons property investors let us manage their investment properties:

Maximum Roi

By ensuring your investment property is never vacant between tenancies, we guarantee to get you the best possible ROI. The fastest way to dramatically reduce your ROI is to have a property empty for several weeks.We ensure you are getting a fair market rental.

5 Star Property Protection

We protect your investment with:

  • Zero tolerance for rental arrears
  • Detailed tenant selection process
  • Regular rental increases
  • 3 comprehensive inspections yearly

Maximum Rental Increases

We invest time in maximizing your return by understanding the market demand and increasing your weekly rent accordingly.Recently we increased a client’s rental from $460 per week to $520 per week. That $50 a week increase has raised the clients return by $2,600 PA or $13,000 over the next 5 years. This isn’t a once off example.We have many. At the end of the tenant lease, with the correct notice considerable increases are possible.

24/7 Online Access To Your Property 24/7

You will never be left wondering the status of your investment. Log into our online cloud-based portal anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to view your income statement, maintenance request, arrears and more.

Competitive Fees

When comparing fees, also compare your total return on investment, with vacancy rates, rental increases. We are able to give you strong Return on Investment for a reasonable fee.

  • 8.8% inc GST property management fee (4.4% inc
    GST for the 1st 6 months)
  • $5.50 per month technology fee
  • 1 weeks rent let the fee

Free $500 Marketing Pack Valued at Over $500

Our marketing attracts the best tenants. Your investment property will be photographed professionally, and have a color floor plan measured and drawn up. Plus, the online advertisement will be upgraded to the largest possible ad size possible.
All this comes at a considerable cost, that we will cover for you. So for you it’s FREE.

Quality Tenants

We place quality tenants into your property, fast. Our marketing attracts the best tenants.Your investment property will be photographed professionally and has a color floor plan measure and drawn up. Plus the online advertisement will be upgraded to the largest possible and size possible. All this comes at a considerable cost, that we will subsidize for you. So all you pay is $165.

6 Month Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves on transparency and believe that honesty is the very best policy. So let us back our claim so that you can get a taste of how you should be treated by giving you an Asset Agents Real Estate guarantee.

Low Vacanies

If a $500 per week property sits empty for 2 weeks that’s a staggering $1,000 income the investor has just lost. We understand that which is why we minimize any type of vacancies to ensure our investors get maximum return.

Rental Income Paid To You Weekly

Getting your rental income each Friday can assist with reducing your loan interest. Compounding over time can make a considerable difference to the total interest paid over the life of a loan.

Virtual Furniture

Investment property can sometimes be vacant. If this happens we can organize for furniture to be digitally integrated into several of the images.

We also Have Detailed Knowledge Of:

Smoke Alarms

Excess Water

Garden Care

Pool Maintenance

Solar Panels

Quality Trades


Quality Surveyors

Are You Getting The ROI You Deserve?

How do you know you are getting maximum ROI?

Often investors want to know what our fees are. When really they should be more focussed on the on the total ROI. Some agencies charge as little as 5% some as much as 10%.Our fee is 8.8%. One a property that rents for $500 per week. our fee is just $16.50 per week more. Which becomes insignificant if your property is left empty for a week or two . Or is you are currently getting $50 per week below market rent

So start by not being overly concerned with fees and instead, ensure your investment is never vacant between tenancies. The fastest way to dramatically reduce your ROI is to have a property empty for several weeks. Then ensure you are getting fair market rent.

You can do this by getting an independent rental appraisal. Most of the time when we do these properties are being under rented by between $20 to $100 per week. That adds up to be a staggering amount of money.

Take time to carefully check your routine inspections and speak with your property manager about them. Are the gardens being cared for? Is the property in good condition. Is there any maintenance. All this can dramatically impact your ROI.

Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

In Queenland, agencies charge anywhere between 5% and 12% of the rental income. Keep in mind this fee is a tax deduction. Think of it as an insurance policy to ensure your asset is being protected. It’s smarter to pay an agency with a higher fee that has the best systems and service to ensure you get maximum return on your investment. When that happens, the fee ends up being cheap.
The landlord pays the water bill. However if the property is water efficient the tenant can be charged for excess water. We recommend ensuring your property is water wise and redirecting your water bills to our postal address to allow us to process the payments for you . Having the water bill go to you and then you sending onto us can create complications
Most agencies pay their property investors monthly or fortnightly. We pay then weekly.
When your routine inspection arrive in your inbox. Call your property manager and discuss the report. Ensure the report has photos. At least once a year ask for a rental review based on other comparable rental properties in the area. Try and inspect your investment in person at least once a year.The biggest issues we see when taking over a management is either the property has been very poorly kept by a tenant or the rent is $20 to $100 a week lower than market value. .
Just give them 30 days written notice. If you are moving your property to use we do everything else. Its that simple.

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