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How much should you be paying your property ...

Sep 21, 2017
Its an interesting question. It would be fair to say if your property manager is doing a poor job looking after you [more]
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Is my investment property being under rentin...

Aug 24, 2017
One of the most common things we come across when we take over a new property to manage is that the weekly rental i [more]
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I just bought an investment property, what s...

Feb 20, 2017
Congratulations. Here’s a bit of a list of a few things to consider that you might not even have thought of. Quanti [more]
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Who pays for water in a rental property

Feb 10, 2017
The landlord is ultimately responsible to pay the water bill of the property . Under certain circumstances a portio [more]
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Questions To Ask Your Agent

Feb 06, 2017
Looking for a real estate agent?  Questions you MUST ask them If you’re serious about selling your house and making [more]
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Smoke Alarms

Feb 02, 2017
Its Qld law that smoke alarms in rented properties have routine maintenance. Smoke alarms must be tested and cleane [more]
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Who cares for what part of the gardens

Jan 27, 2017
Garden Maintenance There is a lot of value in the lawns and gardens of an investment property so it’s importa [more]
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What do I do if my tenant is always behind i...

Jan 20, 2017
Tenants that fall behind in rent There’s a misconception that tenants need to pay 2 weeks rent in advance. They onl [more]
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Sellers: Why pay the price for real estate a...

Jul 07, 2016
FACT: Your home will not sell if it is not priced right. Buyers often cling to the hope that, despite what the curr [more]
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Get the kids out and about these school holi...

Jun 30, 2016
It’s the last week of the school holidays … are your kids bored? If you want to do something fun with the kids that [more]
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Buyers: Using a mortgage broker just became ...

Jun 23, 2016
Buyers: Using a mortgage broker just became essential We are witnessing a growing number of deals falling over due [more]
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BEWARE: Building inspection reports really d...

Jun 16, 2016
BEWARE: Building inspection reports really do freak buyers out It’s happened once and it’ll happen again. We’ve seen it so many times where a building inspection report causes potential buyers to walk [more]
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